Long year Hiatus.

Been a long year hiatus in anastasiaann.com, but not in others. Lol

Here’s the updates.

Recently, I test my own willpower. I started the project of slowly but definitely quitting Facebook. Maybe some other social media accounts as well in the future, but will see.. 🙂

Honestly, I don’t particularly hate Facebook or being in it, in fact I like it too much till the point that its feels like Facebook is dominating my life, slowly taking control over my happiness. I am addicted.

The worst part is, I don’t even notice it! Damn.

For someone like me….. who well love herself too much, being in Facebook eventually makes me feel like I care way too much of other people life and beings.

I could spend hours and hours and hours browsing Facebook. The 5 minutes break in Facebook become 30 minutes, then 1 hour, add another hours, and I don’t even realized how much time I have just wasted. Reading nonsense, stalking people, envy on other people’s life, also not to mention those moments I feel proud bragging about my wonderful life there. Yea.. bla bla bla

But life doesn’t always that good. And I am paranoid. The trauma from stalker still remind me once in a while not to share too much online. Then I end up deleting everything back again. Who knows who see what. Unfortunately the urge to show off is still there. I am feeling very human after-all. I want to be like, I want to be heard, I want to be envy.

So… my mind and my heart fight.

Fight. Fight. Fight.

In the end.. The logic mind win. I think its probably best to stay away.

But….. I have nowhere else to go when I am bored then.

So, yeah. When I received notification for renewal, its like a calling. I am truly glad this blog still exist. Love to be back.

Minding my own world here again. Alone. Lols

Bye for now Facebook…

Hi, Hello anastasiaann ^_^.


Ann notes : I miss reading me write. got it? haha 🙂

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