Me and Personality Test. :(

While having breakfast today, I did one personality test (introduced by one of my good colleague) in this website..

Its a very lonnnnng survey btw, 100 questions to be exact.. but it gives a pretty accurate result.

By the end of it, I feel a little bit frustrated.. As I always wish.. just wish… that the result for this kind of test would be different with what I have already know about myself.

We have been introduced and undergo few training in the office for DISC personality at workplace. It is really good and very interesting to learn about yourself, why you behave a certain way and yeah a little bit about other people too. So, it doesn’t actually bother me too much.

But once in a while, the knowledge does unconsciously affect on how I see myself. Well..for sure I wouldn’t even want to try to use it to judge other people.. People is complicated (which is why I always agree on the similar notion that men cannot understand woman), I don’t even understand myself sometimes..

So…. since I tak puas hati.. during lunch, I try doing it again.. with a high hope that the result would somehow.. maybe if not much, even slightly change also can (T_T).

Obviously NOT!

I am still a Logician, according to this site. Which is almost equal to very personal freedom and DCI person in DISC. Which is still very self-love people as per in Leo & Tiger in the Horoscope.

OMG, how stubborn I wish I can I be to resist the same based idea from tons of those research conducted. 😛

Finally, I give up. Nevermind. Accept sajalah me for who I am, even so reluctantly. 🙁 and I am still thinking about it now, after 12 hours have passed.

I am quite interested to know more and get the premium profile. That’s such a catch, but it is not cheap I tell you. Luckily, I have already set my mind on the minimalism idea much earlier. Since nowadays I want to be more financial savvy and live intentionally with less, I will see if this kind of purchase will still make sense after 30days.


Probably… just one of another impulsive things I might do being a Logician. lols

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