Tiny Pleasures 2017

03 February 2017

☆ A freshly made bed.

Was having a skype video call with a good friend last 2 Sunday ago. Met him by chance in the airport during my short trip few days before and did promised to keep in touch as we haven’t see each other for almost a year now.

As usual, my sunday morning is either very lazy or very busy depending on my mood. I just finish making this bed and still busy cleaning when he call. So I put the Ipad on the study table and this is the video call background.


I remember he look at me with shock.. and the first thing he said was;

“Wow, you still have Slepo! I thought you throw her already. You should’ve.”


Initially I don’t understand.. but as the conversation go longer and deeper, then I realised he is right.

I have too much of dolls, gift from most people that i love or used to love.. and this is whats on my bed here alone. I have even more of them in my hometown bedroom.

I am holding on to memories and refuse to let go. I am still staying in the past, although I thought I have move forward. I smile and laugh outside when my heart is actually hurting inside. This must have slipped from my mind when busyness take over my life. Well, that’s a painful truth.

So… last Sunday I spend the whole day cleaning up. Really cleaning!

I am glad for that eye opening conversation. But yeah, its okay as I don’t plan to live in that mess anymore too.




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