2013 Solo Travelling.. Succeed!

fall in korea

Hi peeps.. How have you been? It’s been a fun month for me. I was away to the land of the morning calm, and I did not bring my laptop together. I do update my facebook and wechat moment very frequently, so that the family won’t worry of my where beings alone in a foreign land.

So yeah.. its December again. Teheee! Remember those days that we actually waited December for some reflection and New Year resolution? Well.. Don’t do it that way man! Resolution and reflection don’t necessarily be done only by the end of the year. We should do it often, I mean always evaluate yourself so that you can be a better person. You don’t have to wait for December, do it anytime, any day or even anywhere you are.

As for me, I am glad to say that I am totally proud of myself! I actually did manage to achieve all my resolution just before the year end. I am thankful for all the opportunities given, the health and the support. This year I promised myself, I am going to be brave. Forget all your shyness and be shameful. Meet new people, go new place, explore.. and I did it..yeah!!


3 weeks solo travelling in South Korea, a place where I don’t know anybody, I don’t understand the language and I cannot even read their wordings.. But I survived.. And I have the time of my life. Korea was amazing! The people I met along the way, the places I went to, all the first time experiences, I slowly fall in love with them and I even have a thought of coming back soon. Hahaha. Let’s just wish for now.

So anyway.. will be uploading some photos soon. Maybe share a little bit of my trip here. It was an incredible journey, and I want to keep a good record of that memory. As for next year, I had some resolution in my mind already. I am pretty sure I will be able to achieve that as well as long as I believe it will come true. Because actually… they always do. :)

Till then, lots of love chingu yaa. <3


  1. Arieon

    hai… do you mind to share how you survive there without learning their language? I am very interested to know.. hihih.. btw i am sabahan also…
    Arieon punya story is..Kangkung kini menjadi trend di laman sosialMy Profile

    • anastasiaann

      Hi geng orang Sabah :)

      Basically you just need to learn the hangul so that you can read the signboard. But if you are going to Seoul, you don’t have to worry at all. Seoul is very tourist friendly, all the signboard and announcement in subways or buses are in Koreans, English, Chinese and Japanese. So in Seoul, this can be ignored.

      Second, Please learn their numbering system, because it really help when you want to order or you want to understand the answer when you ask for the price.

      During my trip I can really count by hand how many words I use in Koreans for instance:
      1. Annyeong Haseyo – Greeting for all occasion
      2. Gumapsumida or Gamsahamnida – means thank you
      3. Joesonghamnida, Jo mulasoyo.. or Jo murugeseoyo- Sorry, I dont know/dont really know
      4. joesonghamnida, Hangguk saram anieyo – Sorry I am not Koreans
      5. Ne/Aniyo – Yes/No
      6. Igeo elmaeyo? Kkakka Juseyo- How much is this? Give me discount please
      7. Igeo hana (or other korean numbers) juseyo – Please give me one (numbers you want) of this.

      Thats it. Other just use English or Body Language. Always carry a map in case you get lost.

      Good luck!

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