"Me" Time

A month away..

Hi friends..

Haven’t been posting in this blog for like a month. Hype! Been busy like crazy finishing what should I finished on time. Work is stressful when you didn’t put sincerity doing it.

So what happening to me this month..

Ermm.. high five to me. I am 27! Yo man, thats freakin’ 27! So antique and priceless. I am totally grateful being able to live this long. Heh.


Thats me trying to be like “YO, Imma 27 Yoowww. So Cool man!” . Geez. Freaky.

Anyway.. being celebrated by my lovely lovely lovely family at work. These people I looooove too much. Didn’t even get my cake even tho I went to Bakery Shop for lunch birthday celebration coz I am expecting a cake from my little family. awkwardly -> EXPECTING, but well, you know me. I can be shameless sometimes. hahaha

ann bday

Cheerss. Thats my only one and only “27th years old” cake of the day. Yummeh!

As some of you who knows me, I am a month away to my FREEEEDOMM! say again.. FREEEEEEDOM! yeheee. Yeah. I resigned from my current job and now forcefully serving my notice. Urghh. In a month time, I am officially jobless. Grrr.. Helppp! I am jobless! Help!

The only thing that worried me too much lately is whether or not I will be able to make my dream come true with a very tight budget. Hurm.. damn thats a seriously big issue now. But.. keep calm and remain positive! I am pretty sure everything will be just fine. And until that day come… lets countdown!


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