Air Asia .. All the way!


Thank You. ^___^

First of all, A bundle of congratulations I wish to Air Asia for their World’s Best and Asia’s Best Low Cost Airline 2013 award.

Being an ordinary middle-income Sabahan girl, living far away from my own hometown, I am more than thankful to the existence of the nation low-cost Airlines, Air Asia. They make it possible for people like me to go back hometown and travel anywhere within budget. Despite all the bad comments and unsatisfied customer complaints than you can see in every single status posted in their Facebook Page, never occurred in my mind to start using other airlines system here in Malaysia.

Just like you all, I do happen to faced few flight delay before, but with the price they offer, how efficient can you expect them to be? In the expensive world today, nothing.. I mean seriously nothing come cheap without any catch. That should be the risk that you should expect from the price you pay. But on the other note, yes I do agree if the company can provide a better service to the customer. If the flight delayed, at least put an ice cold to the customer heart so they won’t runaway and badmouth about you. It kind of sucks to admit but the basic rules still apply, customer is king no matter how terrible they can be.

However I am grateful enough that other than time consumed due to the delay, I have never faced any financial cost yet from their mistake. I pray hard it won’t ever ever ever happen to me. But for now, I am putting my whole trust to AirAsia to fly me anywhere in the world. 

Yes.. I am that loyal. BIG time.

Yesterday, shame on myself to said this (I feel like hitting my head to the wall ten times in a row), but I finally know that they have this program called AirAsia BIG Loyalty Programme. All this time I am using their service without even knowing the privilege that I can possibly get from their company. So stupid of me, keep on imagining how many reward points I already can actually accumulate from my past travel. Luckily I haven’t been much this year, but still.. we are talking about freebies here. Erghhh!

So.. I quickly grab the chance without any further due to sign up for the programme. Luckily I still have two upcoming bookings that I can take advantage off. So fellow friends, I am sincerely sharing this to you today in case you are a late bloomer like me because I am pretty sure I am not the only stupid people alive. Hahaha. Just kidding.. ^____^

Freebies is a good thing to share ayy.. So.. go ahead to their official website now and registered now, next time we can redeemed the point and  ya lets travel together k, why not?

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