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All about me..

Hi.. My name is Anastasia Ann. Friendly people call me Ann.. If you think you are one, yeah.. You can call me Ann too. Here is the brief description of why I started this travel blog again.

The Kick-Off

And so I have been blogging for quite sometime now. Starting from early 2010 if I am not mistaken. I consider myself like a biscuit, now you see, now you don’t kind of people. Been going through a lot of the ups and downs swinging mood to blog.. mumbling about some stupid random thought that perhaps by now you won’t see anymore in this blog. Yes.. For this final comeback (hope so), I decided to delete all my previous post and stay focus on my dream journey.

For some reason.. The older I get, the more I feel like myself being useless. I often wonder  what actually is the purpose of me being born to this world. You see.. I am going to be 27  already this coming August. That means I have been living for almost 27 years, and I don’t even understand why am I here. I wake up at 7 am every morning, go to work from 8 to 6, have dinner sometimes, come back home to watch some korean drama online and go to sleep. Then repeat the same process for almost every single day over and over again. I get paid on monthly basis, and I spend always more than I earn. Am I happy with my life? Yes.. I do, I always feel happy.. But am I content/satisfied enough with this? No..absolutely NO.

The awaken dreams

I dream big. I always have this vision of seeing myself travel around the world. Go to beautiful places in the world, exploring good food and people’s culture, yeah appreciating freedom in life. But I haven’t been to many places just yet because I am still lacking in almost everything.

So.. this is the mission of me blogging again now. Preparing the physical and the mind to combat my flaws in search of my destiny. Perhaps sharing a little bit of my journey all the way can help to inspire you, young people like me. Hopefully.. before this small eyes close for eternity, that one dream.. at least my one big dream can be fulfilled. Because I want to believe in dream and I really really really do.

13th April 2013.. This is how my dream travel journey begin.

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