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Hi hi hi.. I wanna try doing this things back! Yes, contest & giveaways.. yippie!

1. Not sure if I am qualified to apply for this giveaway or not.. I have already used this url since few years back but only started to blog actively since few months ago. Bukan sengaja tau. Haha ^^

Anyway… well since I have been thinking to become a fulltime blogger recently..wouldn’t hurt trying pun kan. So.. layan ajelah yer Mr. Eldy yer.


Errrrr.. told you I want to become fulltime blogger! When I say full time blogger means I am going to do everything online 24/7 and no more 9-5 daily work. So I will need money to finance my daily expenses, I mean like a lot a lot a lot a lot of them. hehe

Plus I really need to learn more on generating income online. I have done this years back, but since I commit myself to my current job, I have long forgotten about it. Now I hope its not too late to re-learn them and not giving up on my dream. Aging really can change the way people think. Hahaha.

3. Blog list.. Done! But my bloglist is super special, the list that I used to visit like religion last time. Haha. I haven’t put in the link in this blog just yet. will do will do.. don’t worry be happy! Its in here

4. If anybody interested to join, here is the simple conditions. Feel free to join together~

5. Thank you very much ^^


Syarat-syarat dan langkah penyertaan :

i) Memilik blog yang berusia tidak kurang dari 3 bulan. Demi keadilan semua, adalah dilarang menggunakan blog baharu yang ditubuhkan sengaja semata-mata untuk give away ini.

ii) Menuliskan sebuah post di blog anda dan menyatakan sebab ingin memiliki blog / website yang mampu menjana pendapatan tinggi. Dalam post tersebut buat satu backlink ke post ini ( Gaya penulisan adalah bebas.

Cth: saya ingin tukar handphone tiap=tiap bulan kalau boleh dengan income dari blog.. contoh jer la haha!

iii) Tambah dalam blog list / friend list. Blog yang terpilih berpeluang dimasukkan dalam blog list blog jejaktrend yang bakal ditambah di sidebar nanti.
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