"Me" Time

Giving yourself a break.


Now that’s its near, did you regret?

A good friend of mine once asked me that. Well honestly.. in some areas, yes. But overall NO. Financially, I do have a little regret.. Thinking a future with no source of income is really scary. But my biggest regret about leaving is actually more to my family at work.Since I will be leaving without replacement, it will be a bit tough for them to cover up my place. I am already sad to leave, now leaving them with the burden making it worst. But I am very sure, things will end up great for them.

Unknowingly, today is already the second day for me doing nothing at home. I slept around 2 am last night, I end up waking up naturally around 9 am only to go back to sleep then wake up again around 11 am and sleep again and finally fully awake at 1.30 pm. The biggest challenge for me is to keep myself positive to get things started. Its a struggle since I haven’t feel any pressure from anybody or any rules. I know from the beginning this will be a rough and tough road, but just to clarify I am really sure that regret is not even a choice.

So my first 2 days of vacation is done. For some reason, I am truly satisfied with the decision. The 2 days I spend with countless amount of sleep is like a revenge to my previous insomnia days. I am back here writing, feeling energetic more than ever and as clear as a crystal clear. I am able to focus on the study I have been planning to do and perhaps start drafting the ground arrangement for my upcoming trip.

The power of a short break is truly unbelievable. If someday I were to go back to the normal office working life, I am pretty sure I will be able to do a better job with my condition now.

Yet.. that still a long way to go.

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