"Me" Time

Grateful Ann In The Morning…


I love waking up to the sound of silence in the morning.

I love opening my eyes, tired and fresh combine, but the mind blank, thinking nothing.

I love looking at the fan, and smile at the wall.

I love my morning laziness, demanding time for more peaceful sleep.

I love the time I lay on bed, do nothing.

I love the feeling of my muscle stretching, leg up and down, turn left and right.

I love the chance of being alive for another day.

I love the thought of possibilities.

I love breathing the smell of fresh air.

I love the image of myself reflected in the mirror.

I love hearing the sound of my voice.

I love every inch of myself.

And I love everything that was there in my life.

Nothing beats a little sense of gratitude, being thankful for even the tiniest thought that we have.

To loved and be loved.

Thank You.

Love You.



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