"Me" Time

Lagi 39 Hari..

27 years ann

Last Friday night~

Some people have the tendency to dislike revealing their age. The older we get, the more sensitive we become when it comes to aging and birthday. But I am different, I am totally on contrast. Among the many celebration in a year,  I love birthday the most. I always think aging is a beautiful process. I always feel that I am lucky enough to reach certain certain age alive. Though I know I am aging by day, I am certainly young at heart. Hahaha. Well, what to do, I am and forever will be 17! lolz

Lagi 39days is my 27th birthday. Wah, I cannot believe that I have been living that long on earth. For some reason I still feel like a teenager. Its been 10years since I left high school but I always feel like I just come back from school yesterday. 10 years is a very long time. Too long actually. Long enough for me to become somebody. It just sad that I am such a late bloomers. One day… one day, I will shine like I was destined to be. And that’s my wish for this year, becoming who I want to be no matter how bad I will become. ^^

Well anyway.. I still love birthdays. I will always love birthday. Because that was the day I was born to be great.

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