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Little Red Dress & Pinky Camera.




Belated birthday wishlist

I haven’t had a chance to pamper myself lately. No new clothes, no new gadget, no anything for me for about half year now. For my belated birthday, I had no present whatsoever, but I am happy. Material is not a measure of happiness. Sometimes I am quite proud for my great improvement. I guess I am getting older and wiser now. Glad, I always know exactly what I want for myself.

Pikom PC Fair for Malacca is coming soon this weekend. Wow, I seriously waited for this event for almost 2 months and did manage to control myself from getting a new camera from the retail shop. This is a so not me. I did survey the price around in case they were to conned me. Hahahaha. After hesitating a while whether to get a DSLR or just normal compact camera, I finally decided to go for that Canon Powershot. Its cheap and small, so it will be safer and easier for me to carry around during my travel. Nothing special with the spec, just a standard canon camera so very good for low tech people like me. Ah.. Plus.. its Pink! Dunno what kind of reason is that. lolz T_T

A little red dress is something I want to buy there soon. I found a perfect lookalike dress online but maybe the original place will provide me a more variety of choices. Well, the wise Ann will be patient until the day come.

For other update, my working days just left more or less around 20 days. Then, goodbye baby goodbye. I will officially be a traveler, having all the time in the world to explore Malacca. Yeay! :P

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