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Pikom Pc fair 2013

There are two major events that I am longing to go these days. The Pikom PC Fair and of course the MATTA Fair. I did not manage to go in the previous fairs because I don’t think its necessary for me to  spend money there. But now that the doors have already is obviously clear that those two was the most important event to attend to.

PIKOM PC FAIR 2013 (2) for Melaka will be held this coming September. Hopefully I don’t get dissapointed like in PC Expo 2013 experience here. Still need my Camera!


matta fair 2013

MATTA FAIR 2013 for Melaka will be held around my birthday.. yeheee. But I am more excited to go to PWTC anyway..

From now on.. SAVE MONEY!

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  1. ProfHariz

    Saya mungkin akan ke seberang jaya 1 september nanti :)
    ProfHariz punya story is..Niat Puasa Ramadhan dan Doa Berbuka Puasa serta Niat Ganti PuasaMy Profile

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