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PC Expo 2013 – MITC Melaka

pc expo


Yes.. The event is still on-going now.

I went to the PC Expo yesterday with a very high anticipation. I am not sure whether its because I am expecting too much that I get so damn disappointed or because its just the first day of the events that all the salesman were too enthusiastic to make sales.

My personal review, the salesperson should learn to be more respectful. When people say No, thank you that should mean NO,please!. But some is like damn wtf, do you even understand human language? Yes, I know its your job to get sales, but please la don’t look to desperate, it make you people look cheap. If I have the intention to buy, I will willingly find you.

PC Expo.. I am not sure whether I have been to PC Expo before, I get confuse with the PIKOM PC Fair. But the products is pretty much the same, well what you expect, the participants should be among the same companies what. My intention is actually to survey for camera, but to my surprise, there is no booth selling camera. So I thought, well maybe its just for PC and accessories.

Then I tried to look for event organizer customer service, in my opinion they should at least have somebody there that we can refer or ask question to, but hell no, not even a shadow. I asked from the booth taking parts, they also have no idea. OK fine then, lets just go out.

The problem is where is the exit door? I walk around the hall three time and get tired of looking until I finally manage to find the BIG exit sign. On my way, please don’t ask me how many pamphlets I turned down. I don’t even have mood to ask because the salesman start promoting their product as soon as I approach them.

Oh I tell you.. The organizer is totally thumbs up smart, preparing a divider along the exit walkaway with a whole load of hungry looking human piranha (sorry for the bad term, but when you see them, you will really do feel so). Oh my God, I seriously spend more than half an hour just to find the way out and get rid of the piranha obstacle. And when I am out….. relieved!

So.. that’s my personal experience. If you have something in mind to buy, maybe you should probably go ahead. But I don’t know, if you are like me, aiming to buy just one thing that is not even there, well.. its just a waste of time. Still.. it can be really value for money because the discount is quite high.


  1. Asmira

    Is there any cheap hard disk at the expo? I want to go there tomorrow..can u give me estimated no of booth opened there?thanks :)

    • anastasiaann

      For PC and the accessories, I think you will have quite a lot of choice. I didn’t really go and see the price for hard disk because I am looking for camera, but since hard disk is the hot item, I am pretty sure you can get cheaper there. Its better if you check it out yourself.

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