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Hi there. First post in 2014.

Yups, it’s been ages since I last wrote anything here. I returned to my hometown for good now, so seem like I have nobody to tell story online anymore. Just recently when I received the notification to renew my domain, I was actually hesitating to decide whether I should continue or just close this blog for good as well.

But then, a little re-evaluation brings me to the final call. *ding*

My travelling life isn’t done yet.  No, N.E.V.E.R!

Just because I am giving myself a year stay home holiday, that doesn’t mean that my passion for travel is over. I am going to leave again some fine day in the future to create more stories to be told. Until that day come, I can still plan in advance.

Yess… Guess I still have to continue mumbling once in a while here for another year. Haha

And the truth is… My first solo travel was a mess. I do plan the basic things like places to visit, budgets, accommodation and flights, but that alone wasn’t enough. Big time.


Me and the Harobangs in Jeju-do.

There was this one time when I went to Jeju-do, I have no plan whatsoever, so I just stay at the guesthouse lobby for the whole day doing nothing but people watching. The funny part comes when the new guest actually thought I was one of the staff there so they start asking a lot of questions to this clueless girl.. haha.. Such a wonderful memories..

Still, looking back at my photos, I noticed too many places I forgot to visit. I suddenly remember too many things I wanted to try. Seriously too many of them..  Well, I did come back home smiling proud that time, but as time goes by, that itsy bitsy tiny little regrets slowly come knocking. Since first timer can’t always be good, I can live with that tiny regrets, but I cannot and will never let that happen again.

So, for future reference and convenience, perhaps a little more detail plan might help smoothes my future trip.. I always have this few places in mind that I really want and must visit at least once in my life but I am terribly suck in planning. I always prefer to go with the flow, yet I am only good doing very last minute work. That isn’t right. Since I already have the intention to change that habit but financially broke to start travelling around the world for real, I finally decided to start planning my first round-the-world virtual trips here.

Sad, but… I dream big, I know.

For now, I might still be..

Dreaming the dream.

And just;

Planning the dream.


But soon, I am pretty sure I will certainly be able to…

Live the dream.


Until then,

Happy dreaming Ann,

And to all of you too.

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