That Magic Moment.

trip to bukit tinggi

With my girls. Bukit Tinggi, 2013.

Have you ever experience a one second moment where you get the sudden “Ding” sound in your head and you just cannot get rid the idea of them? I did. And its getting frequent nowadays.

Today I determined. I give mum a call and present the 80% hints about the idea to the parents. So far, mum seem to be understanding and she support well but she haven’t heard the whole idea. I am pretty sure she is very happy to hear that brief description, so lets leave it up to there for now until the judgement days come. I am so full of strategy when in comes to that. Hah!

I am going to slowly learn and do more research on the big break destination. Somehow in this very large world, I manage to find a group of people that inspires me with their travel story. I feel the comfort, like I have found my destiny. I am still scared, but it does not seem to be that scary anymore when you look at the way how these people react to that.

In fact, I feel like flying out of excitement. I cannot wait for the day I can finally start my first tour. I think its gonna be fun all the way! Its life, I am aliveeeee!



    nice foto
    TENGKUBUTANG punya story is..Giveaway Ramadhan by JiwarOsakMy Profile

  2. Nia

    Hi there! I wonder where will you choose for this big break? My own plan for holiday (2nd honeymoon..hehe) had been pending for almost 3 years..:(
    Nia punya story is..Harga Set Breastfeeding Shaklee dan FungsinyaMy Profile

  3. Zuan

    i’m not travelin alot, but like to one day inspired someone with my story ^^
    Zuan punya story is..Aku Kuat MerengekMy Profile

    • anastasiaann

      ya ya.. same here! I want to create a story I can share for generation. That would be great!

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