Weird curiosity turned to habit


Recently when I was trying to plan my 2013 big break, I stumble upon lots and lots of people like me on the internet. Some amazingly succeeds within a short period, some has already book a place in the world’s traveling arena after years of experience, and some just started venturing like me, yet they are all amazing!

I found several bloggers who knows well how to interact with people like they were born to be writers, also a few outstanding peoples who change greatly within years of blogging. The first is great, but the latter is extremely inspiring. I wish one day, I can scroll back in my archives and be proud of my achievement like them too.

For me, landing on a new blog, the first and most important part I look for is the archive. I am not really sure why, but reading from the start give the feelings like getting to know the basic start of that person. I always wonder how unique a person until she or he can write an article so perfectly. I am curious with what their story is all about, how they get started, how they eventually developed and finally succeed. Learning the flow of that process is unbelievablely satisfying for me.

I never really notice that I have this habit in me until I get really annoyed whenever I cannot find any archive page in a blog. I can understand if that is an information website, but for a blog to share and tell great stories, aaaah I want to get to know you well from the beginning.

So you.. Please.. Put an archive in your blog, will you? It is such a great help for some weird people like me. They said, curiosity can kill a cat remember? Thank you my dear! 

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