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Today officially mark my 3 months working with my current company. I will be done with my probation soon, and I am hoping to get a good review for my 3 months long performance. I still have more to show but its really no fun showing how awesome I can be in such a short amount of time.. Hahaha. Anyway, its only been 3 months, but how unbelievable, it feels like I have been working there for years. Funny yet so comforting.

I am super in love to my job now, doing those task I know best, in the Industry I love so much and obviously in a place I wanted to be the most, for NOW. I have met some really great colleagues, and been enjoying a homely feels workplace where I can freely be a noisy bubbly and chatty me at anytime I please. I love it !!!

I don’t normally expect too much, but somehow I find myself looking forward for more great adventure with this new family. I have a great time utilizing all the new facilities that the company offer and hoping soon will freely blog about it. I once dream of a job like this, and now that I am really having it, I cannot thank enough for all those wishes. It come obviously so much earlier than I expected it to be, but Naaahhh I won’t complain.

So to say, that’s me saying  annyeong ijen goodbye.. TEMPORARILY to 2015 Spring in Korea. But no worry, I will be back with more amazing travelling story real soon.

Until then, be amazing friendsss.

Love, Pretty Ann.

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