"Me" Time

Working on holiday..


Today I take leave for no specific reason, just feel like want to do everything I have been postponing for months and yes, enjoy living with no 8 to 5 work for a day. I guess life like this is fun, I can set my own time when I want to start working. Feel like a big boss~

I reached my new part time workplace around 2pm after everything settled. Today not as many people as when I first came here last Saturday. I actually can do work from my room, but the surrounding seem like too much of a burden to start working. The bed is too distracting, I am pretty sure I will end up landing on the bed and sleep till tomorrow. Yesterday I take a day off, well I also have my social life to be fulfilled man.

I officially registered on the Jobdirumah program today, not sure what they can offer to help me, but at least I need any kind of guide to start. I don’t want to feel loss and subsequently lose hope. Will update my progress here soon.

Erm.. nothing else to say. Today I am going to start my blogwalking again. Been too long, I really miss my blogger friends~ 

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