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You orang kaya..

tiga tahun

From my first blog..  Funny how I am still finding myself since exactly 3 years ago.

Melampau! Been hearing this a lot since many months ago. Alaa.. tak apa. you orang kaya. Sometimes I am speechless. Most of the time I am grateful. Thank you. I am glad you all think that I am orang kaya. Please my Dearest God.. make it happen then.

Because the greatest advice that I get from reading “The Secret” clearly stated that to get something, you should ask.. believe then receive. That’s exactly what I am going to do now. Ask.. Make me orang kaya raya dengan harta sepuluh keturunan pun tak habis please. Believe.. Oh since I orang kaya, I can do anything I want. Receive.. I memang pun acting like orang kaya. Well.. When you continuously getting the sarcasm sentence like above, nothing else you can do but praise yourself on the great act. You see, you act too well, everybody was deceived. Bravoo Ann!

Unfortunately.. The fact and the act, is two totally different thing. I was never born or raised by a rich family like I always wish. Family saya orang kampung, mak bapak kerja makan gaji, adik beradik ramai, tanah pun tak ada. My problem was and always was “I have not enough money” just like you all. That blog post is my living prove. You want to believe or not, its up to you.

Bila I start thinking about getting out of the working trap life dan start acting for my dream to travel around, makin menjadilah cakap-cakap orang. Aish.. Macam tu pun boleh. Tak apalah.. As long as I know myself well sudahlah. Harap-harap ada berkat dari cakap orang, cepatlah menjadi kaya wahai Anastasia Ann.

Hari ni bermulalah lagi kehidupan tanpa sumber kewangan dan kerjaya yang stabil. Tapi pandang positif part yang paling best, I have all the time in the world. Terasa benda ni macam dah pernah lalui 2 kali sebelum ni.. And in between due to many reason, I end up going back to normal 9-6 working life. Ini kali ketiga dan semestinya kali yang terakhir bagi saya. If I cannot make it come true for real, I will give it up for good.. I am aging. Thats why.

Keinginan nak travel ni.. Its not about kaya atau banyak duit.. its about a dream. Experiencing new world,
seeing new people, learning new culture, and making a dream come true.

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