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Goodbye Seoul

Tengok email, mengeluh…. sigh! Asyik dapat reminder suruh web check-in now. I am not going I tell you! Aihhhhhh… Hari tu ingat nak tukar date, but since date yang betul-betul nak tu tak ada flight lagi and banyak sangat extra charges untuk exchange flight to another date that I don’t want, so nevermind la, biar saja tiket burn this one.

Untuk senangkan hatiku yang lara, start la search and calculating the cost of short trip itinerary untuk Hong Kong – Macau.. Ya, I feel much better. Banyak dah baca sebenarnya, lots of bloggers out there write fantastic experience in this place, but I still cannot decide properly my own itinerary. Dulu hajat ke Macau nak bungee jumping, but omg no confident langsung nak jump that high, so I will let it pass. Instead, I might change that to go to one of the happiest place on earth. Disneyland! Yeayyyyy. Gembiranya hatiku macam kanak-kanak Ribena. 😉

Actually before I decide to start working again, I have already plan properly to make my 2015 to be the year of travelling. Dah siap bajet segala. I am supposed to look for job when I am totally broke somewhere towards the end of 2015 or early 2016. But a great opportunity come, a finance vacancy in a tourism line in one of the best travel agency in Sabah, I applied, being called for a job interview and then was immediately offered a post I cannot say No to. The vision does seem like too good to be true, but it doesn’t take me long to quickly made up my mind even though I know that would also mean that I have to sacrifice some of my initial trips in my one year plan.

In a split moment like that, there is always this two questions that I would ask myself. Is it worth it, or will I regret it? The answer however is very clear. Yes, it is all worth it. No, I will never regret this.

Seoul won’t go anywhere pun, I can always visit you some other time.. But that one time offer.. you can choose to follow the heart or decide what is best for you in a long term. There I choose the later, despite having a really sad heart, I still have no room of doubt about it.

Now, there goes my second burn tickets this year. T_T . Still have plenty to really go in the future, I hope.

Till then, xoxo.

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