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Almost there..


Today is a not working Saturday for me, but I still wake up early with the intention to do a new passport. The one thing that I have been delaying for so long.

When I reach The Immigration Department in UTC around 9 a.m, that place has already been crowded by people and most chairs has been taken. I have to stand to wait for my turn. However, that is not really a bad thing because the registration process is very smooth and it only take few minutes to reach my turn. The service provided by the Government Agencies in UTC is definitely one of the best Government service ever and the idea should certainly be considered to be executed in every state in Malaysia.

Oh I tell you what, according to the officer in charge, my height is 160cm for sure. Yeay!

Unfortunately.. Since I am Sabahan and both my parents is purely Sabahan, and I did not  bring my birth certificate (I wonder why people still need to use birth certificate anyway.. lolzz) together during the process, the officer cannot even proceed to do anything. According to him, I have to go to the main Immigration Office located in MITC to apply for a new passport and it will take around 5 working days to process my application because they will have to refer back to the JPN back in Sabah. Alahai… 5 days and 1 hour is too big of a difference man.

Omg.. I can already imagine the service in the normal government office.

Seem like I still have to take leave to do my passport thing and yeah maybe service my car both at the same day. Ahh.. What a waste of Saturday morning extra time sleep ~


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