"Me" Time

Lost soul stuck at home.


This is what I do at home, today, although its public holiday and I should be out there exploring the world enjoying the day off. But its Melaka man, I rather stuck at this tiny room, than spending my day cursing people inside the car stuck in a traffic jammed. One thing I learned very fast after living here for almost 3 years now is never ever ever ever go out to the city when its holiday, or weekends, or even when there is no holiday but some events related was held in town. The road is crazy packed with cars and peoples and the weather is crazy hot.

I have been staring my blog for hours thinking what should I write here today, since I will be actively blogging again soon, but my mind just went blank. I actually have a lot of things that I have already plan to do during my free time, but it end up all mixed up together and it really take time to untangle it back again.

Anyway, that’s my quick update. Until then… Wake me up when September ends..

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